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My Dirty Memoirs - Book - Published 2013 - Click the picture to purchase it online at the Kindle Store 

I write explicit erotica. My first erotic book is available now and is a memoire based on my own life on the family farm and then at college. All of this is a true recollection, although I have naturally changed names and played around with dates etc for discretion. If you are shocked by explicit sexual writing then you had best avoid this book, it is not for the timid. If you are a fan of the blog then you will know what to expect. I am still working on a second book and I will be publishing a selection of short stories available for 99p for the amusement of my fans. Please leave me a review which helps to sell the books and stories.

Below is a review of MY Dirty Memoirs:

"This is an excellent first hand account of a gay man's escapades and escort encounters.It is not just fantastic homoerotica,but a good read and well written.Once you start reading the book it is difficult to stop and I am looking forward to the follow up.I recently had the pleasure of meeting the author in the flesh,but I will leave the details of that to your imagination"  - Verified review - Kindle




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